Interroll offers highly flexible horizontal or space-saving vertical crossbelt sorters. These fast, robust and economical solutions for high-speed sortation can handle multiple items such as letters, parcels, packages, boxes and totes between 50g and 35kg.

The Courier, Express and Parcel distribution industry (in short CEP) has experienced several years of strong growth driven by trends such as urbanization and the rapid growth of e-commerce.

Depending on throughput rates, performance targets, and space, you can choose from a horizontal loop (circular structure) or vertical loop (linear structure) configuration.

The Interroll Crossbelt Sorter can be seamlessly integrated with our MCP Conveyor Modules to create a perfect environment for your parcels, boxes, and totes to run smoothly throughout your facility. 

Accurate, High-Performing and Reliable Solutions For The Handling And Sortation Of Parcels And Packages Of All Shapes And Sizes


We Offer Conveyor Solutions For...

  • Mail
  • Documents
  • Parcels
  • Boxes
  • Totes

Suitable Products for CEP

  • Drum Motors
  • RollerDrive & MultiControl
  • Rollers
  • MCP
  • Belt Curves
  • Spiral Lifts

The Best Mix of Products and Solutions

Crossbelt Sorters

As an independent supplier, Interroll offers a product range perfectly tailored to the value creation and requirements of system integrators. It includes installation-friendly sorters which are quick and easy-to-integrate into larger systems.

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Product Information

Interroll Sorters are designed for efficient transport of all kinds of goods. Crossbelt sorters can quickly and reliably sort and transport goods with weights of between 50 g and 35 kg.

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Modular Conveyor Platform

Expand as you grow! This platform was designed for flexibility, modularity, attractive industrial design, simple handling during assembly and expansions.

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References: Fast Sortation & Delivery on Time

50k hours of opearation, 99% availability

Running since 14 years, 50.000 hours of operation, 99% availability, simple maintenance. South African retail leader Edcon would always go for the Interroll Crossbelt Sorter again.

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Fast Deliveries for Omnichannel Shopping

This DHL logistics center is one of the largest high-performance fulfillment centers in Germany. DHL is a long-standing partner of HSE24, an omnichannel trader specializing in teleshopping and retail via phone and Internet.

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Hermes Case Study - Online Retailing

The Otto Group is the world's second largest online retailer. Learn more in the video case study about a step-by-step upgrade of the 30 kilometers conveyor line during running operations.

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Interroll Crossbelt Sorter

Superieure sorteernauwkeurigheid, hoge doorvoer (van 2.000 tot 16.000 artikelen per uur) en lage operationele kosten zijn slechts een paar van de vele features van dit bijzondere apparaat. Bovendien bied gebruiksgemak en hoge beschikbaarheid onze klanten gemoedsrust: ze weten, Interroll is iemand op wie ze kunnen vertrouwen.

Sorteren in de E-Commerce: Op tijd leveren

E-commerce en online shopping hebben de afgelopen jaren een enorme groei doorgemaakt bij constante dubbele groeicijfers in economieën over de hele wereld. Als je sneller kunt leveren, krijg je de business. In deze complexe en veeleisende marktomgeving, is logistiek een belangrijke concurrentiefactor geworden. Gezien het feit dat sorteren, naast order-picken het meest kostenintensief is van de logistiek, loont het om te investeren in best-in-class Soerter oplossingen.