Application area

With CentralControl: zero-pressure accumulation conveying (ZPA) of many zones without connected PLC. Or ZPA with input from a PLC connected via digital inputs and outputs. With GatewayControl: Zero-pressure accumulation conveying (ZPA) of many zones with input, diagnostics or tracking from a PLC – connected via fieldbus.

Product description

The ConveyorControl system includes the GatewayControl, the CentralControl, the SegmentControl and the ComControl (page 55). Cost-efficient, commercially available flat cables are used for wiring the communication and voltage. All settings are made with a Windows-based software – the Configurator. The software simplifies addressing and enables GUI-supported parameter setting of up to 200 RollerDrive and sensors simultaneously. The configuration of an existing application can be read out from the controls and changed as needed. The advantage is that the ZPA logic is included and does not have to be programmed within a PLC. The ConveyorControl system allows tracking conveying goods and offers a large number of setting options and additional functions. For the control of up to 200 RollerDrive EC5000, only one IP address (EtherNet/IP) is required.

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