Application area

Zero-pressure accumulation (ZPA) conveying for systems with medium to high number of conveyor zones. Applications with or without PLC, but without fieldbus.

Product description

The ZoneControl is a single-zone control for a RollerDrive EC5000 and a zone sensor. The ZoneControl can be used to create stand-alone, zero-pressure accumulation conveyors which require no higher-level control (PLC). Additional functions and communication to upstream and downstream conveyors can be implemented via digital inputs and outputs (I/Os). The advantage is that the ZPA logic is contained in the ZoneControl and does not have to be programmed within a PLC. DIP switches can be used to set the RollerDrive speed and direction of rotation as well as the logic (single or train release). For all ZoneControl connected with each other, the speed can also be changed with an analog signal and a cumulative error signal can be read out. The wiring of the voltage supply is done via switching wire and communication using commercial CAT5 cables (Ethernet cable). The ZoneControl is only partially suited when a tracking of conveying goods or the control of the RollerDrive with start and brake ramps is being planned or a large number of additional functions is to be used. The ZoneControl shows its strength in the fact that it does not have to be addressed, which makes an exchange in case of a failure extremely easy, and it can easily be configured with DIP switches.

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